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Styling your bedside table

Dressing your bedside table is most certainly an art. Too many, too few or simply the wrong combination of decor are easy mistakes to make.

Bedside tables are perfect to pull together the room, while being practical to store contents. A beautifully styled bedside table is a must for every bedroom.

Not sure where to start with styling your bedside table? Read on for tips...

Mix up the heights of objects

Using objects of the same height can create a flat look. Add accents of varying heights to a dynamic dimension to your bedside drawer.

Start with one high piece, a lamp perhaps, add a mid piece, a small plant perhaps and add a smaller decorative piece. Group decor in 3s, it is the magic number after all.

Make it personal & practical

As much as they are a decorative piece, your bedside table should be practical also. This is your bedroom afterall, that will be used every single day.

Personalise your bedside table to make the space lived in, but most importantly your own. Trinket trays or bowls that compliment your decor could be added. Or a stylish clock.

If you are dressing your guest room, make it personal. Your house isn’t a hotel. Add memories from your travels, are a keepsake that has been handed down through your family.

Add texture

Depending on the style of bedside table you have, wooden, glass or metal will depend on the texture you should used to dress them.

High shine surfaces should be dressed with smooth decor, ceramic vases, or a lamp.

Hammered metal or coral sculptures create a stunning contrast against the glass surface. As with the varying heights, adding a mix of textures to your bedside table will great a stunning visual impact.

Style with symmetry

Bedside tables should be sisters not twins. Styling with symmetry is always pleasing on the eye. Adding a mirror image of matching bedside lamps is a beautiful way to frame your bed. The units should compliment each other however, not be exactly the same.

Maybe having odd lamps isn't the best way to go, it looks a bit odd. So the lamps could be the thing that connects each side. Adding matching accents, such as textures or colours on each table emphasises the balanced aesthetic without being exactly the same on each side.

Less is more

Less is definitely more when it comes to styling your bedside table to avoid it looking cluttered. Remember, the decor is there to enhance, not hide the surface of your table. Embrace negative space and let your carefully chosen accents enhance the design of your bedside table. Use the rule of 3. This isn;t to say you just have to have 3 objects and that;s it.

You can stack things, a pile of books with a little ornament on top could be classed as one object, with a lamp and a little plant or a trinket bowl.

My favourite thing to have on my nightstand is a rhubarb & elderflower reed diffuser, it smells amazing and I can get a whiff every time I roll over at night. What is your must have on your nightstand?


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