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Well.... That didn't quite go to plan!

Today's the day, launch day.


Not everything has quite gone to plan. We tried two materials to make the samples of these products.

One worked, *yay*, one didn't *facepalm*

One of the materials we tried, split when we went to attached the hooks to them

So, the new samples went straight back to manufacture, the rubbish material went in the bin and the new samples will be ready early next week.

Natural, light oak and dark oak are all ready on the website. All the colours are available to order (minus the image) and the images will be uploaded as soon as they are ready.

Anyway, here they are....

Check out the products on the website, each vase is in its own colour category



Discount exclusive to subscribers and site members only, use code VASE21 for 15% all hanging vases for this week only.

Code expires 14/11/21

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