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Reduce the stress of the festive period

We know, we know, gift vouchers can often be seen as a bit impersonal and a lazy gift. We disagree though.


Giving a gift card takes away the anxiety and stress of finding just the right gift, and who doesn’t want the freedom to choose something they REALLY want?

Give someone the gift of choice. You might not know exactly what they would like, but have an idea they would like something stunning for their home. Giving them a gift voucher allows them to choose something they really love for their home without the stress of picking it out for them.

It also helps you stay on budget. You don’t have to worry about spending those extra pennies on something you know they will love, but is a bit out of your spending limit for gifts.

You might think they would love one of the more expensive items, but don't want to spend that much on a gift.

Giving them a gift card, they can put towards that thing they will love instead of spending way over budget yourself.


Oh and one more thing….

You don’t have to wrap it! If you’re anything like me, wrapping is a nightmare.

You wouldn't think so when we spend half of our time wrapping shelves (And not just nice rectangle shelves either!) But I just can’t do the whole beautifully gift wrapped thing at Christmas, I’ve been trying for years!

With a gift voucher you can just pop it into a beautiful card with a little hand written note and you’re good to go.

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